#fintech: Chinese P2Ps plagued by flaky guarantees

http://skylinemediainc.com/?pokakal=opcje-binarne-top&b90=0f omaha speed dating events By Gabriel Wildau

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The irresistible rise of Chinese fintech

poeme pour 10 ans de rencontre China’s fintech industry has grown at a rapid pace, in some cases leaving established tech giants of the West behind. Having cracked the domestic banking market, top Chinese fintech firms are already eyeing insurance and looking beyond the country’s borders to continue their rapid ascent. Stefania Palma reports.

#fintech: Transferwise steps up assault on banks

Transferwise is best known for its aggressive adverts bashing banks for over-charging customers to move money across borders. But even the most radical disruptors are sometimes forced to do a deal with the devil to achieve what they want.

proventil retail price So Transferwise had to team up with a traditional lender – in this case Raphaels Bank, one of the UK’s oldest private banks – to become the first fintech group to gain access to the country’s Faster Payments Service since the real-time payment system’s launch in 2008.

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